Welcome to the Church of Satanic Brotherhood

The Church of Satanic Brotherhood was founded in the year VIIa.s (1972 c.e.) and practices true Modern Satanism. We do not worship a 'Devil', burn baby fat candles or any other such non-sense that the Christians would like you to believe. We feel that you are your own God who will rise or fall using or not using the abilites you were born with.

These customs, for the most part, date back to years VII and VIII A.S. and may be changed or suspended only with the consent the High Priest acting in consultation with his advisory council. The Church of Satanic Brotherhood (hereafter CSB) uses a five degree initiatory system:

First Degree: Initiate
Second Degree: Witch or Warlock
Third Degree: Priest of Satan
Fourth Degree: Archpriest of Satan
Fifth Degree: High Priest of Satan
The Fifth Degree is limited to the High Priest.

Progression through the degrees First through Fourth is achieved by the recognition of the competence of the member in the practice or theory of Satanic ritual and religion and/or of services performed for the CSB. Magister is a term generally used to describe an administrative officer of the church, not an initiatory degree. A chartered local group in the CSB is known as a Magistry (Latin: Magisterium). The leader of that group is called its Magister. The chief administrative officer of the CSB is called the Magister Sacrorum. All such officers are appointed or removed by the High Priest acting in consultation with his advisory council. All Satanists are free to do as they will. Nonetheless, the CSB acting in its own self interest will exclude from its ranks those known to be engaging in anti-social, predatory, self-destructive, or disruptive behavior. Persons in penal institutions and persons under the age of 18 are not to be accepted as members of the CSB.

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